BYO Router Requirements

Connect your own device to Wicked Internet

Can I use my own modem for my Broadband connection?

You can use your current router on our network, in the vast majority of circumstances. You might need to visit the administrator settings to make configuration changes to your router. To learn how to access these options, kindly refer to your router's handbook.

What specifications does my BYO modem need to connect to Wicked Broadband?

It's simple to use your own modem with our broadband network. Before beginning, all you need to do is make sure the modem you intend to use is compatible with the plan you've selected. If your prior service provider gave you a modem, you should be able to update the settings and start using it right away.

If you've bought your own modem for your Fibre connection, check sure it supports VLAN tagging and DHCP authentication. This information should be available on the manufacturer's website or in the manual that came with your new modem.

What settings should I use for my personal (BYO) modem?

If you were given a modem by your previous provider or you bought a modem from a store, you'll have to manually configure it using the following settings:

  • PPPoE Username and Password: This will be provided when your Wicked Internet Connection goes live.

  • Incoming Interface: VLAN10

  • Dynamic DNS: Enabled

If you require assistance configuring your own modem, we advise consulting the user manual provided by the modem's manufacturer or use a Wicked Internet modem.