Setup Your Wicked Router

Instructions for setting up your Wicked router.

Step 1.

Connect your Wicked Router to you Fibre Box (ONT)

Using the blue ethernet cable, connect one end to the LAN1 Port on the Wicked WiFi Router and the other end to Port1, LAN1 or GE1 on your Fibre Box.

Step 2.

Connect your Power

Connect the power cord to the Wicked WiFi Router and wall socket. Turn on the power at the wall. It may take a couple of minutes to boot up and connect. Take a break you've earned it. Once connected the Power Light on turn solid green.

Step 3.

Connect your Devices

Connect your devies e.g. TV, Mobile Phone, Game Console or Computer to your Wicked WiFi Router.

Either Wireless Connection - Go to the WiFi Settings on each device, connect each device using the network and password printed on the bottom of your Wicked WiFi Router.

Or Cable Connection - To connect a device using a (ethernet) cable, plug one end of the yellow cable provided into any of the available port on the Wicked WiFi Router and the other end into you device (e.g. TV or computer).

Need Help?

If you’re not connected after completing the set up steps, we recommend checking the following:

No lights

  • Check the power is connected, switched on at the wall and switched on at the back of your Wicked WiFi Router.

  • Check that one end of the blue ethernet cable you connected earlier is plugged into the LAN1 or GE1 port on the Fibre Box, and the other to the LAN1 on your Router.

  • Try unplugging and reconnecting the same cable as above, and ensure you hear a click.

  • Try turning the router off, then turning it back on and wait 1 minute or until the lights display.

Lights are flickering

This is normal behaviour, it means that your internet is working.

I can’t connect to WiFi

Double check the password on the bottom of your Wicked Router has been entered correctly. Passwords are case sensitive.

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