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We help connect you to the world

Wicked Internet is all about getting you online and helping keep you secure. We know there are bad actors out there and we do what we can to ensure that can't get to our network, let alone yours.

  • Full network visibility worldwide

  • Resilient connectivity in every area

  • Supported the use of fiber optic cable

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We're a small fanatic team with our fingers on the pulse.

Fast Speed

Fast Speed

No rate limiting

Flexible Rate Plan

Flexible Rate Plan

Competative pricing

Support Desk

Support Desk

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Our mission

At Wicked Internet, our mission is to provide reliable and high-speed fibre broadband internet services to customers throughout New Zealand.

We strive to deliver the fastest and most consistent internet experience possible, while maintaining excellent customer service and support.

Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential through the power of the internet.